About Carol

Jennifer_Domenick_Love_Life_Images_02348 copyWelcome to Artful Counseling, the art of listening well and creatively.  I support creative healing and promote increased well-being at all stages of life using expanded self-awareness,  mindful listening and creative arts. This work  combines my graduate training in counseling, Rosen Method Bodywork and training in mindfulness and creative practices.   I have worked as a counselor for over 25 years and have practiced somatic therapy and massage since 1999.

Through ongoing training and coursework I have focused on enhancing my capacity to be with others in the midst of significant life challenges, pain and suffering. Together we identify resources to expand the capacity for recovery and rediscovering our joyfulness. Part of my own healing and recovery has included studying  Rosen Method Movement and various art and meditation practices which provide a deeper centering in joyfulness. I identify as a mystic Quaker and have been strengthened by non-dual practices.

I received my graduate training at the University of Arizona, and later additional training at NC State University, the University of Florida and the University of Maryland.   After years of working with how we cope with our emotional and physical challenges and chronic disabilities, I added training in gerontology exploring mental health and wellness in the aging process. Through my work with others on grief, loss and widowhood  and while coping with my own losses I become interested in mind-body approaches to learn how to support embodied self-awarness as part of healing.

I am a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) and Licensed as a professional counselor in Maryland (LCPC). I trained to become a practitioner of Rosen Method bodywork at the Southwest Rosen Institute in Santa Fe, and I became a licensed massage therapist in Maryland (LMT) after completing the training at the Baltimore School of Massage.   For the past twenty years I have continued to expand my understanding of psychotherapy and somatic approaches and am grateful to the workshop teachers and leaders who introduced me to wide array of approaches in bodywork and psychotherapy such as Mindfulness, Cranio-sacral therapy, somatic experiencing, focusing, Eden Energy Medicine, yoga and the use of arts in medicine.

My mission is a commitment to support mindful inner listening through counseling, bodywork and creativity. My work supports and invites you to listen deeply to your heart. The services I offer support what I have learned through the years….

Love is greater than fear.

I believe in the possibility of change and transformation.

I have experienced times of great challenge and  suffering and have learned from this  to find and receive support to move from surviving to thriving.   I  have found that uncelebrated joys and losses not yet grieved can keep you from having the life you seek. I had the good fortune of working with excellent, intuitive, creative healers and teachers on my journey.  I found that the creative arts and embodied self-awareness allowed me to recover my full joyful expression.


From my experiences with diversity, I have seen that there are so many ways we learn and so many tools to expand inner knowing—to know more of what is true from within. I practice intuitive art and enjoy writing poetry. The creative process helps me to heal and grow through curiosity, of seeking truth, of exploring and learning.

My invitation to you is  to allow yourself to reconnect with your mind, body,  spirt and creative heart.   May we all learn to recognize the potential for deeper love and understanding for each moment of life.

      Carol Cober, MS, LCPC, NCC, LMT