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Consulting Services: Sharing experience and creativity

photo 5-5Carol is an innovative wellness leader who offers consulting and training resources for dynamic living across the lifespan.  In addition to her individual work as a counselor and a licensed somatic therapist she  has a passion for working with groups of all ages to develop innovative community connections. Carol uses creative strategies to support empowered aging well in community. She leads innovative training incorporating the creative arts in her presentations on stress management, wellness supports including the application of essential oils for stress reduction and mood management. Currently she offers support to caregivers and families to help seniors age in community effectively throughout the lifespan.

Carol works with non-profit organizations and communities, designing  programs with vulnerable groups including individuals who have disabilities and memory impairments.  As a co-founder of  the first Maryland Community of Practice for Villages and leaders in Aging in Community she offers training to Village and other community organizations throughout Maryland. The Community of Practice meets several times  a year (see: )

Carol applies collaborative, empowerment and participatory evaluation approaches with local communities and works as a project manager, trainer and evaluator  conducting site reviews, focus groups, needs assessments and small group training.  At Westat, Carol conducted research and evaluation on senior living needs to age-in-community leading the first evaluation on the Village programs  throughout  Maryland.  At AARP she worked on widowhood and grief, reminiscence and long term care projects.

She has worked and consulted with a variety of organizations including state offices of AARP, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Departments of Aging and Disability Services,  Senior Villages,  local Widowed Persons Programs, Mental Health Associations,  Developmental Disabilities Councils, faith communities, school programs, county and statewide social service programs.  Carol has worked with the Topical Interest Group (TIG) on Disabilities and other Vulnerable populations ( DVOP) for the American Evaluation Association. Carol has served on the advisory Board to the Interages program the Jewish Council on Aging, which provides opportunities for intergenerational partnerships and links between older adults and school-age youth. She also is the Editor of the Rosen Method International Journal, which includes innovative article on how somatic therapy is used across the globe with special populations in clouding those with trauma, in hospice care, with an older population and for recovery during rehabilitation and serious illness. ( see:


Workshops & Creativity Renewal Retreats


Carol has offered a variety of workshops over the years-from using creative strategies for aging in place,  teaching stress reduction management for over-worked volunteers,  developing support for weary caregivers, and strategies for adapting and maximizing programs to better serve individuals with disabilities or special conditions.  She has worked with local faith communities to offer retreat days for women, and coached small groups of new, young professionals on thinking creatively while job-seeking. She can bring together a group of resource professionals to create a tailored workshop for your group or community. She co-created specific  day-long retreats using creative practices to bring rest and  renewal, as described below.

DSC_0292Enjoying the Art of Possibility

Those of us with busy lives need to find spacious time to be with our inner selves.  When we give ourselves the gift of time for deep relaxation and playful expression, we create the possibility of renewal.  Carol has been leading Creative Renewal Workshops since 2007 and now partners with artist Bonny Lundy to offer these retreats each quarter.  We use a format of a one day mini-retreat incorporating water color painting, poetry bodywork and mindful movement.  In retreats we present approaches to using art mediums, primarily watercolor, while paying close attention to our inner processes and learning to allow ourselves to explore our creativity in a non-judgemental environment.  This can be a wonderful gift to yourself for stress managment or to help learn to express joyfulness. Carol and Bonny will also design special retreat opportunities for your faith community or for special groups like over-worked caregivers or those recovering from the challenges of health conditions like cancer.

B1Expressive Journey: Creative



Slowing down in a retreat  can support unwinding of stress and unfolding into ones truth.  Retreats with Carol and Bonny offer ways to become more gently compassionate with ourselves and our creative process.  In our mini-retreats, we combine the art practices, mindful listening,  movement &  touch as resources to lead to a greater trust in ones own body wisdom and an increased sense of the importance of how creative expression heals us.  We find that allowing creative expression to emerge without judgement helps us rediscover our sense of playfulness.  Compassionate listening and compassionate touch help bring ease during the creative process.  This supports  profound inner  listening and to deepen our self-compassion. The playfulness fostered in our retreats invites the artist-within each of us to feel support for more spacious exploration and expression.  This is profoundly helpful after extended periods of grief and loss when additional support can be useful to open up our hearts. 


What is Offered at a Retreat?

            A focus on Watercolor Painting

            Attention to the influence of color 

            Mindful movement to enhance   body awareness

            Music and dance to open the heart

            Being Touched with compassion

Come join us and find out how using body awareness we can  see that the way we hold  the brush, how we sit and stand more comfortably can provide support for our creativity.  Come explore the possibility of developing a deeper trust in your artistic path as a result of the practices  shared in our retreats.     

Testimonials about Our Creative Renewal Retreats

“I’m refreshed, relaxed, and feel more hopeful and feel good from my toes on up, what a treat!”

“You have created an atmosphere of joy….I had forgotten how to relax into my own playfulness, thank you!”

“I am a total beginner at painting and felt very nervous because I was the youngest person in the class—but it was wonderful, I want to come back!”

” I loved the movement. It is hard to be tense when you are dancing ….”

“ I attended even though I am in the midst of a very difficult time, following my Dad’s death—but I felt warmly welcomed, and the poems we shared helped to heal my sadness.”

“I felt so tight at the beginning….by the end of the retreat I was laughing again and could move much more effortlessly!

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Contact Bonny or Carol for more information.

Bonny Lundy • 301-466-6344 •

Carol Cober • 240-418-5603 •

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Knowledge is limited.

Imagination encircles the world” -Albert Einstein

An example from my own process of unfolding how words and images help to share the story of learning and healing.  There are times when a poem and  paintings go together.