The art of Listening Together. . . Let me be Your partner in Listening

We have wisdom and courage within us, but at times, we need help reconnecting with those strengths to move through difficult issues.   Counseling can provide new resources to support you through challenges and transitions.   I specialize in  mindful, body-centered psychotherapy.  I  also offer creative renewal resources for helping individuals move through losses and recover more peace and joyfulness in daily life.   The clients I work with typically include individuals who have experienced depression, anxiety, grief, or the impact of trauma and are interested in recovering and transforming.  Often with time people find a way to establish greater  joy and trust after a loss or betrayal or injury or illness.   If you’re ready to work at changing old patterns contact me to take the first step.

Flower 1Counseling with  Individuals 

  • Anxiety & Depression Issues
  • Coping with Cancer
  • Coping Skills for Stress Management
  • Support for responding to life transitons and challenges
  • Caregiver stress
  • Coping with the process of aging
  • Grief & Life losses: Divorce & Widowhood
  • Body Issues, Disability,  Self Esteem-Issues
  • Trauma and PTSD

Body-Centered Counseling

The learning process in counseling can increase understanding of our habitual thoughts that perpetuate self-defeating patterns, create tension and constriction in our bodies.  Body centered counseling can be a wonderful resource to manage issues of caregiver stress and overwhelm.   With time and support deeply held and long-term patterns can be released bringing increased ease, hope, balance and  joyfulness into daily life. I bring my insight as a Certified Rosen Method bodyworker to my work.

SunflowerIMG_1069IMG_1065_2Trauma Recovery 

Trauma comes in many forms. And coping is as individual as you are. My counseling approach with trauma is relational, client-centered, body centered, gentle and compassionate. Through using body-centered, mindful counseling, our  awareness of the whole body expands so that rather than focusing only on unpleasant sensations we can be with our feelings, sensations, not in them. My approach is compassionate, caring, supportive and non-traumatizing.

Support for Aging Well

I have a special interest and strong background in working with Elders and their caregivers.   We can grow, change and develop new insights at any age.  I provide resources for aging dynamically through the transitions that can occur in later life. I spent over a decade working with widowed persons and older individuals  on grief and loss, health and long term care concerns. I use empowerment approaches that guide individuals to navigating life with dignity and maximum independence. Support for coping with the stressors of caregivers is a special interest of mine and many body-centered counseling approaches can assist caregivers in unwinding the effects of stress and exhaustion.