A Creative Renewal Retreat leads to a greater trust in your body wisdom and an increased sense of your unique creative expression. Expand your inner resources through playful watercolor exploration, compassionate listening and movement to bring greater ease and more confident expression to your life.

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Upcoming Creative Renewal Retreats 

Watercolor, Collage and Reflective Journaling, essential oils, Self-awareness movement, guided massage

NOTE: Our retreats are especially useful for times of transitions and for caregivers.


2017 Expressive Journey Workshops

March 19 at Artist & Makers in Rockville Maryland at Blueberry Gardens


Creative Renewal : Watercolor & Self Awareness

Saturday April 8

at Blueberry Gardens


237 Ashton Rd  Ashton, MD 20861


Creative Renewal Weekend

at Fox Haven-In Frederick Maryland

May 5,6,7


Summer Mid-Week Embodied artist support Group

Caregiver Support Group -Mindful Body: Mindful Creating

Contact:Carol Cober 240-418-5603

Please Check Back for Updates!